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Learn Sailing Fun and Easy
With Memory Tips
and Water Riddles

as an eBook, Paperback, or Audio book

Also Private Sailing Lessons
By Captain and Coach Jay Winters at
Bimini Bay Sailing, Anna Maria Island, FL

Learn Sailing Made Simple

  • An Easy Introduction to Sailing
  • Numerous Memory Tips and Aids
  • Refresh your Sailing Skills
  • Learn Sailing Terms and Rigging
  • Tacking, Jibing, Points of Sail
  • Sailing Rules, Safety Tips, much more
  • Enjoy the eBook Water Riddles
  • Enjoy the Illustrated Sailboat Quiz
  • With an enjoyable & educational Short Story

Learn Sailing Fun And Easy manual
by Captain & Professor F Jay Winters

Floyd Jay Winters is a career instructor and coach, with multiple American Sailing Association certifications, in addition to various United States Power Squadron certifications. Captain Jay specializes in providing customized Windrider Trimaran Lessons and Sunfish Sailing Lessons. He presents the small sailboat material covered in this manual in a friendly and easy-to-understand way.

Learn Sailing Fun and Easy uses many helpful teaching methods, such as mnemonics, association MEMORY TECHNIQUES, and COLOR CODING to help you learn and remember sailing terms and understand sailing concepts and maneuvers. Definitions are clear and concise and are often accompanied by common synonyms to further facilitate learning.

As an experienced author, Professor Floyd Jay Winters has had several college textbooks published by major publishers. Learn Sailing Fun And Easy includes well over 200 well labeled instructional photos and illustrations of Sunfish, Lasers, Optis, O'Pen Bics and many other prams, dinghies and small sailboats.

Sailing made Safe and Enjoyable

  • Short and simple - 170 pages
  • Over 200 clear photos and diagrams
  • Paperback, PDF eBook, or Kindle format
  • Hyperlinked Table of Contents
  • View on Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone
  • Pleasant Memory Techniques
  • Key Terms and concepts in color and bold

Learn how to sail today or improve your sailing skills.
Take Sailing Lessons at Bimini Bay Sailing with Captain Jay or:

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Purchase the full small sailboat manual as a Paperback or as an Amazon eBook or in universal PDF eBook format or as an Audio book.  Learn how to sail in a fun and simple way. Only $9.95 as an eBook, $14.95 as a paperback, and $14.95 as an audio book. A great gift for a friend or family member. Answers to the Water Riddles are included in all versions.