By Captain, Coach and Professor Floyd Jay Winters

Small Sailboat Sailing Made Simple

Easily remember sailboat terminology with the memory techniques used in this fun pocket sized sailing manual. And enjoy a series of fun Water Riddles sprinkled throughout this eBook. There also is an entertaining section of Old Sailing Phrases used today and their origins.

This simple 100-page pocket-sized sailing manual is smart phone ready for your convenience. It includes over 130 clear small sailboat and dinghy photos, well labeled diagrams and figures to help you learn how to sail and to make sailing a safe and enjoyable sport. Conveniently access each chapter through hyperlinks from the Table of Contents. Includes a Basic Sailboat Quiz at the end.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Main Parts of a Sailboat
  • Directions on a Boat
  • Sails and Rigging
  • Parts of a Sail
  • Raising the Main Sail
  • Points of Sail
  • Apparent Wind
  • Tacking
  • Jibing (Gybing)
  • Comparing a Tack and a Gybe
  • Preventing and Getting out of a Stall
  • Capsize Prevention and Recovery
  • Man Overboard (MOB) (COB)
  • Heave To
  • Basic Anchoring Tips
  • Basic Docking Tips
  • Aids To Navigation and Terms
  • Sailing Rules of the Road
  • Safety Tips
  • PFDs (Lifejackets)
  • Some Types of Sailboats
  • Basic Knots
  • Miscellaneous Hints and Notes
  • …Plan Your Sail
  • …Very Simple Navigation
  • …Keep the Wind in Your Sail
  • …Too much Wind in Your Sail
  • …Safe Turns
  • …Before Running Aground Hard
  • …Docking or Coming to Shore
  • …Passing Obstacles
  • …Sculling
  • …Going Backwards
  • …Steering without a Tiller
  • …Transporting Dinghies
  • …A few old Sailing Phrases used Today
  • …Basic Sailboat Quiz
  • …Answers to Water Riddles
  • …Answers to Basic Quiz
  • …The Keys to Success